English Studies, BA

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

A major in English can lead to professional careers in teaching and literary research, archival and curatorial librarianship, publishing, journalism, advertising and the arts; as well as human resources, sales and marketing, management, and government work. Even when additional qualifications are needed, as in law, an undergraduate major in English is often a distinct advantage.

Admission Requirements:

 Students with ACT English scores of 29 and higher or SAT Critical Reading scores of 650 or higher have satisfied the University Writing Requirement and should enroll for courses of their choice in the Writing and Speaking Core (see “Core Curriculum”). Students with ACT English scores of 26, 27, 28 or SAT Critical Reading scores between 610 and 640 may enroll directly in English 102 and, upon passing, will have met the University Writing Requirement. Students with ACT English scores between 19 and 25 or SAT Critical Reading scores between 450 and 600 should enroll in English 101. Students who have taken Advanced Placement examinations in English Language or Literature should refer to “Advanced Placement” for placement and credit information.

Career Opportunities:

Students who major in english may be inclined to pursue graduate degrees in english and eventually find careers in academia as researchers or instructors.  Others may prefer to find work outside of academia, either directly after graduation or after obtaining a professional degree.  Undergraduate study in english is well suited for students planning on attending professional programs in law, public administration, social work, or business; or for students planning to enter any field of work that makes use of people skills, the ability to digest new information, and the ability to read and write analytically.  

Contact Information:

DeeDee Lopez: Academic Advisor
(505) 277-6349