Anthropology, BA

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

Our educational program is based on the premise that Anthropology more than any other discipline provides insights into who we are, how we became this way, and what our future might be. The more students understand about both the past and current nature of biological and cultural diversity, the better able they are to cope with complex problems and make meaningful contributions to society locally, nationally and internationally. Whether undergraduates choose to pursue graduate training in anthropology or some other field, or move directly into the workforce, we seek to provide them with a broad education by offering large and small lecture classes and a variety of laboratories and field classes across the concentrations of anthropology. Our graduate degrees prepare students to follow either academic or applied careers in Anthropology.

Career Opportunities:

Students who major in anthropology may be inclined to pursue graduate degrees in anthropology and eventually find careers in academia as researchers or instructors.  Others may prefer to find work outside of academia, either directly after graduation or after obtaining a professional degree.  Undergraduate study in anthropology is well suited for students planning on attending professional programs in law, public administration, social work, or business; or for students planning to enter any field of work that makes use of people skills, the ability to digest new information, and the ability to read and write analytically.  

Contact Information:

Carla Sarracino: Coordinator, Education Support
(505) 277-0194