Physics, MS

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

Concentration in Astrophysics

The M.S. in Physics with a concentration in Astrophysics follows the same requirements for Plan I and Plan II. Requirements for the concentration include:

· ASTR 536.

· Three courses selected from: ASTR 537, PHYC *466, PHYC 505, PHYC 511, PHYC 521.

Details must be discussed with a graduate advisor each semester.


Admission Requirements:

International students and students who are seeking financial aid must submit materials no later than:

Fall semester:January 15
Spring semester:  August 1

Deadlines for domestic students who are not seeking financial aid are:

Fall semester:June 1
Spring semester:October 1

Please visit the Physics and Astronomy Department Web site for additional information, specific admission criteria, application forms and directions.

Contact Information:

Sally C. Seidel: Chair, Graduate Committee
(505) 277-2087