Anthropology, PhD

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

The Department’s 28 tenure-track faculty teach in four subfields with graduate programs and in Ethnology, Archaeology, Public Archeology, and Evolutionary Anthropology. There is an annual New Mexico archaeology field school. Faculty and students conduct field research projects throughout New Mexico and the Southwest, Mexico, Central and South America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Basin. 

UNM Anthropology is one of the largest programs in the country, ranking among the best in graduate education, providing diverse student opportunities for field and laboratory training, and producing new and exciting research, scholarship, and creativity. Anthropology is a premier program at UNM, central to the University’s mission, and serving to enhance and strengthen public education in the State. 

The graduate degrees in Anthropology were conferred in 1931-32. John Adair, a notable visual anthropologist, was awarded the first PhD in 1948. Since then Anthropology has awarded more than 325 doctorates. Our graduates teach at more than 100 universities and colleges in the US and internationally. 

Masters and PhD degrees are available in Ethnology, Archaeology, Public Archeology (master’s only), and Evolutionary Anthropology.

Admission Requirements:

Deadline Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2015. The deadline is January, 2nd, 2015. Typically the Graduate Application Deadline for Department of Anthropology is the first Friday in January for a fall admission of the same calendar year. Currently the department only has a Fall admissions period. We have no spring or summer, or rolling admissions periods. 

1. Complete the UNM online Graduate Application: In order for the application to be considered complete, Anthropology Applicants must submit the following items on the online application 

    Application fee $50 
    Letter of intent Transcripts from all colleges attended (see information below) 
    Three letters of recommendation (you can request these electronically through the application) 
    GRE scores are required of all applicants including those applicants with advanced degrees (see information below) 

2. You must select an “interest” and “degree” level on the on-line application. Applications with “Undecided” as a primary interest will not be reviewed. We must know where to send the application for review. It is not necessary or recommended to select a second interest unless you have one. The “Interests” (Subfields) and “Degrees” in the Anthropology department include: 

    Archaeology (Typically only PhD track) Select PhD 
    Ethnology Select PhD or MA 
    Evolutionary Anthropology (typically only PhD) Select PhD 

3. Optional give additional detail. Additional information may be helpful in finding funding for applicants. Examples include: 1 st generation college student, enrolled tribal member, NM High school graduate, or any other affiliations not specifically listed on the application.

Career Opportunities:

Students who study anthropology at the graduate level may pursue careers in academia as researchers or instructors.  Others may prefer to find work outside of academia, either directly after graduation or after obtaining a professional degree.  Graduate study in anthropology is well suited for students planning on attending professional programs in law, public administration, social work, or business; or for students planning to enter any field of work that makes use of people skills, the ability to digest new information, and the ability to read and write analytically.  Obtaining a master's degree may also qualify students who hold positions in public education or civil service for automatic pay increases based on their employer's salary schedule.

Contact Information:

Erika Gerety: Coordinator, Program Advisement
(505) 277-2732