Women Studies, Grad Certificate

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

The University of New Mexico Women Studies Program offers a transcripted graduate certificate in Women Studies that was approved by the New Mexico Department of Education in December 2006. Graduate students already enrolled in a graduate level program at UNM may apply for admission to the WS graduate certificate program on a rolling enrollment basis. Thus students may submit their materials at any time.

The Graduate Certificate in Women Studies is designed as an area of specialization for students pursuing a master's degree or a doctorate in disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, or the professional schools at the University of New Mexico. The Graduate Certificate provides graduate students the opportunity to complete an education program that addresses the history and culture of women, the social structures of gender, and feminist perspectives on scholarship. Courses in Women Studies will also be available to graduate students not pursuing the Women Studies certificate, with permission of the instructor.

Admission Requirements:

Students may present Women Studies as a transcripted graduate certificate with 15 hours of graduate study as follows:

6 credit hours of required courses with a 3.0 or higher in WMST 510 Feminist Theories and WMST 512 Feminist Research Methodologies,and 9 credit hours of electives approved by the Graduate Advisor of WS. The 9 credit hours of electives may be taken within the program in Women Studies, the student's home department, or in combination with appropriate courses from another department. Students must recieve at least a 3.0 in all classes.

Applications should include:

  1. Proof of admission into a graduate program at UNM
  2. Letter of intent
  3. Undergraduate transcript
  4. One letter of recommendation
  5. Essay describing significant life experience applicant brings to the study of Women Studies, and explaining what he/she hopes to accomplish.

Applications should be sent to:
Director of Women Studies
MSC06 3900
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

Contact Information:

Barbara O. Reyes: Director, Women Studies Program
(505) 277-9119