Art Education, MA

College of Fine Arts

Program Description:

The graduate program offers course work and experiences leading to a Master of Arts degree in Art Education under Plan I (with a thesis) or Plan II (without a thesis). The M.A. program is oriented toward the development of a professional who has understanding of the core profession of art education as a humanistic discipline and a developing emphasis in a particular area of personal interest related to art education. Emphasis in this graduate program is given to the humanistic aspects of art and education and to a blending of creative work, research, and art pedagogy.

Although the art education program consists of individual faculty with different backgrounds, expertise and philosophies, we tend to agree and emphasize art education foremost as a humanistic profession where the growth and development of the individual is paramount and where the art experience is central to that experience.

Admission Requirements:

Before applying to the Master's program in Art Education, an applicant must have the following minimum academic prerequisites:

General Academic Prerequisites: To apply for the art education Master's degree program an applicant must have 1) a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, which includes at least 24 semester hours combined of art, art history, and/or art education course work with a "B" average (3.0 GPA), and 2) a 3.0 overall grade point average in the applicant's last two years of undergraduate work. Applicants must have completed 18 of the required art prerequisites prior to admission. Application to the K-12 ART TEACHING LICENSURE EMPHASIS requires additional prerequisites. Also see the appropriate sections of this University catalog for general prerequisites and application procedures for graduate study at the University of New Mexico.

Application Deadlines
Fall semesterMarch 30
Spring semesterOctober 30

Contact Information:

Art Education Program:
(505) 277-4112