Chemical Engineering, BS

School of Engineering

Program Description:

Chemical engineers are at the forefront of biotechnology and biomedicine, semiconductor manufacturing and data storage devices, and advanced materials. Chemical engineering is also widely applied to environmental protection and remediation, process development and safety, and hazardous waste management. 

The Chemical Engineering undergraduate program at the University of New Mexico offers broad training in the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, chemistry and the engineering sciences. These are integrated with the chemical engineering “core” which includes thermodynamics, heat, momentum and mass transport, chemical reaction engineering, design, and process control. More than half of our undergraduate students participate in the cutting-edge research projects of our faculty, sometimes leading to opportunities to travel and present at conferences. 

Among the exciting research areas, UNM chemical engineers apply principles of biology to address drug delivery for cancer treatment and understand the mechanisms of degenerative diseases, and develop new materials for tissue repair, medical diagnosis, and next-generation energy technology.

This research is conducted in well-funded programs through the Center for Biomedical Engineering, Center for Emerging Energy Technology, and the Center for Microengineered Materials.

The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

Admission Requirements:

 To earn a baccalaureate degree in chemical engineering, a student must apply to and be admitted to the baccalaureate program in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. For students who have entered the University of New Mexico as freshmen, application to the program is typically made in the sophomore year. In most cases, such students will have been admitted to the School of Engineering as premajors (see “Admission to the School of Engineering” in the School of Engineering section of this catalog). Transfer students may apply to the baccalaureate program as soon as they have met the program admission requirements discussed below. The department strongly encourages all students who are interested in entering the baccalaureate program in chemical engineering to apply to the department as soon as they are eligible, to ensure that they receive the proper advisement.

The criteria for admission to the Baccalaureate program in Chemical Engineering are specified in detail in the advisement brochure, which may be obtained from the department. There are 18 semester hours of Freshman year technical subjects required by the School of Engineering for admission, and a minimum grade point average of 2.50 in those courses is required for admission to undergraduate study in Chemical Engineering. A total of 26 semester hours applicable to a degree is required for admission with a grade point average of at least 2.20. All applicants must have completed English 101 or its equivalent before admission. All courses required for the Chemical Engineering Baccalaureate degree program must have grades of C- or better for satisfying both admission and graduation requirements.  

Career Opportunities:

With a degree in Chemical Engineering from UNM, students are ready to:

  • Design and develop innovative industrial processes for manufacturing projects all over the world
  • Conduct cutting-edge research on disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Use nanotechnology to design and develop improved fuel cells, batteries and solar cells
  • Solve environmental problems and develop new sustainable process technologies

Contact Information:

Sarah E. Dominguez: Program Advisement Coordinator
(505) 277-5606