Music Education (Instrumental Concentration), BME

College of Fine Arts

Program Description:

 Students completing the requirements and curriculum stated below will receive the Bachelor of Music Education (B.M.E.) degree and will be eligible to apply for Level 1 Licensure in Music, K–12, in the State of New Mexico.

Official acceptance to the degree program is granted upon admission to the College of Fine Arts as a Music Education Major (see College of Fine Arts Admission). Satisfactory completion of MUSE 194 Introduction to Music Education and MUSE 195 Introductory Teaching Practicum is necessary for official acceptance to the Music Education degree program. Students may be eligible for acceptance upon completion of two semesters; early application is advised. Students seeking only endorsement for music teacher certification must be admitted to a Teacher Education Program (see Admission to College of Education Programs). Students pursuing teacher licensure are considered de facto Music Education majors, even though their enrollment status may be non-degree, and will be required to complete all Music and Music Education course work required for the B.M.E. if this course work does not appear on their transcripts

Students will have a period of one year to remove any deficiencies revealed during the admission process. Students already enrolled at the University of New Mexico will not be eligible to transfer to the College of Fine Arts or to take 300 and 400 level professional courses until this admission process is completed. Exception will be made for students with earned baccalaureate degrees upon recommendation of the department and for students transferring from other institutions. Transfer students may be enrolled in the College of Fine Arts on a provisional basis for a maximum of two semesters, during which time they must complete the admission process.

All transfer students will be given a theory, ear-training and sight-singing proficiency examination for the purpose of determining competency in these areas. If test results reveal deficiencies, transfer students will be required to remove such by enrolling and successfully completing one or more semesters of the theory curriculum.

[Any MUS or MUSE courses required for a Music Education degree cannot be attempted more than three times. An attempt includes receiving any letter grade (A through F), W, WNC, CR, NC, I or AUDIT. Exceptions include Group Piano, Music Education Lab, Concert Music, and Ensembles.]

Students must pass the Music Education Advisory Review (MEAR) before enrolling in 300-level music education courses. The purpose of the MEAR is to assess the music education candidate’s suitability for a music teaching career. Candidates appear for an interview with music education faculty that includes evaluations of musicianship, communication skills, and personal dispositions. Prerequisites for the MEAR are 1) admission to the College of Fine Arts and 2) successful completion (grade of C or better) of MUSE 194, MUSE 195, MUS 150, and MUS 150L. For complete details, consult your advisor.

The faculty reserves the right to disqualify from further enrollment or participation in the music education program:

  1. students who fail to demonstrate reasonable progress in their professional development in music,
  2. students whose conduct reveals a persistent inability to work effectively with others or an unwillingness to adhere to generally recognized standards of professional behavior,
  3. students who do not consult their assigned advisor prior to registering each semester.

Level 1 Licensure in Music, K–12, in New Mexico allows one to teach any music class at any level of instruction. Where two or more music educators are employed by a single school district, however, a division of responsibilities between instrumental music and vocal/general music commonly exists. The Department of Music, therefore, offers two planned programs in music education, an Instrumental Concentration and a Vocal Concentration.

Admission Requirements:

To be eligible for admission as a declared major in the College of Fine Arts, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of 26 hours of earned credit.

  2. A grade point average of at least 2.50 in all hours attempted or, a grade point average of at least 2.50 in the last 30 hours attempted.

  3. Competency in English writing as demonstrated by: achieving a score of 26 or higher on the English section of the ACT examination or 610 SAT verbal, or completion of ENGL 101 with a grade of C or better, or receiving credit through Advanced Placement Exam.

  4. Competency in Mathematics as demonstrated by: achieving a score of 22 or higher on the Math section of the ACT examination or 510 SAT math, or completion of MATH 120 or Math 101 and 102 with a grade of C or better, or placement into college-level Math by Compass exam.

  5. Completion of 12 credit hours of course work in the major area with at least a 2.5 grade point average.

  6. Students seeking the Bachelor of Music or the Bachelor of Music Education degree must also have approval to concentrate in the appropriate instrument or voice. Refer to the Music section for additional admission requirements to the instrumental and voice programs and the Bachelor of Music Education program.

  7. Students seeking the Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Interdisciplinary Film and Digital Media must also be admitted through the IFDM selection process and have completed the first two IFDM core courses with grades of C or better.

  8. Students seeking the Bachelor of Arts in Dance must also be approved to enter the program by audition/interview. Contact the Theatre and Dance department office for further details.

If you plan to major in one of the departments in the College of Fine Arts, you should transfer to the college as soon as the above requirements have been completed. To apply for transfer, go to the College of Fine Arts Advisement Center located in the Center for the Arts, room 1102, to obtain and submit the application for admission as a declared major. Applications are accepted during the fall and spring semesters.

Transfer Agreements:

If you are transferring to the University of New Mexico after having studied at another college or university, you may be eligible for admission directly into the College of Fine Arts. In general, the screening procedures and admission requirements are the same as those described above for admission to become a declared major.

Contact Information:

College of Fine Arts Student Success & Advisement Center:
(505) 277-4817