Computer Science, BS

School of Engineering

Program Description:

Computer scientists deal with computational systems large and small, cyber-security, data mining, bioinformatics, visual computing, artificial intelligence and more.

The Computer Science undergraduate program at the University of New Mexico provides students with a well rounded general education and a broad set of skills and knowledge in the basic areas of computer programming and computer science. The program allows for computer science electives and requires a minor field of study; these allow students to customize their education in Computer Science and its applications in a direction suited to students' individual goals. Alternatively they may elect to direct their studies toward a particular application area such as business, linguistics, mathematics, or the sciences. UNM Computer Science students can work with faculty on research in areas including cyber-security, computational biology, visual computing and physical interaction.

The program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET

Career Opportunities:

With a degree in Computer Science from UNM, students are ready to:

  • Protect computational systems from malicious acts
  • Scale up computational systems to solve large societal challenges
  • Develop new ways to visualize and interact with data
  • Work with molecular computing

Contact Information:

Lynne Jacobsen : Coordinator of Program Advisement
(505) 277-3112