Master of Construction Management and Master of Business Administration, MCM/MBA

School of Engineering

Program Description:

The School of Engineering (SOE) and the Anderson Schools of Management (ASM) offer a dual degree program leading to the degrees of Master of Construction Management (M.C.M.) and the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). Under this program, students will be required to complete 15 credit hours of M.C.M. Core, 3 credit hours of M.C.M. elective and 31 credit hours of M.B.A. Core for a total of 49 credit hours to complete both degrees. Students pursuing this program must satisfy the admission and other academic requirements of both schools. Those planning to enter the dual program should consult with the admission officers of both schools as early as possible.

The M.C.M./M.B.A. Dual Degree program is designed to accommodate students with interest or experience in all aspects and sectors of the construction industry. Prospective students need not have an undergraduate degree in engineering; rather, they are more likely to have a degree from a related field such as management or architecture. However, since the program is structured to build upon the educational foundation gained with an undergraduate degree in construction management, civil engineering or similar areas, educational backgrounds different from construction management may need to take some undergraduate prerequisite courses. The M.C.M. program is 100% online and the M.B.A.  program has online and face-to-face options.

The 30 hour M.C.M. curriculum includes:

·      15 hours of designated M.C.M. core courses: CE 570, CE 573, CE 574, CE 575, CE 577

·      5 other electives that can include up to 12 hours in the M.B.A. electives can include CE 571, CE 576 and CE 598 as well as up to 12 hours from the MGT 5XX courses


The 37 hour M.B.A. curriculum includes:

·      31 hours of designated M.B.A. core courses: MGT 501, 502, 504, 506, 508, 511, 520, 522, 526 and 598 and MGT 600

·      2 Electives that can include 6 hours from Civil Engineering: courses from other MGT or CE courses

Students can then register concurrently for both programs and take a minimum of 18 hours in M.C.M. courses, 31 in the M.B.A. and get dual degrees in M.C.M. and an M.B.A.