Engineering, Electrical Engineering Concentration, PhD

School of Engineering

Program Description:

Electrical engineers work with the systems that power our world and design the devices that process our vast stores of data. They use mathematics, physics and other sciences in conjunction with computers, electronic instrumentation and other tools to create a range of systems including integrated circuits, telecommunication networks, wireless communication systems, diagnostic medical equipment, “green” energy and more.

Since the technology in computer engineering changes very rapidly, the Electrical Engineering undergraduate program at the University of New Mexico stresses fundamental concepts as well as current application methods. Students have the opportunity to work on robots, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, pulsed power, fusion science and more. Electrical engineering students at UNM might work with architecture students to design a solar-powered home, collaborate with fellow students on a swarm of networked robots, or contribute to research as an undergraduate working with internationally renowned faculty on sources of high power such as microwaves, quantum dots, and reconfigurable antennas.

The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,


Career Opportunities:


With a degree in Electrical Engineering from UNM, students are ready to:

  • Design next generation global positioning systems
  • Enhance radar communications
  • Develop new broadcast and communication systems
  • Work with a global interdisciplinary team to tackle many of the vast challenges facing society today

Contact Information:

Elmyra Grelle: Interim Coordinator
(505) 277-2600