Architectural Engineering, PhD

School of Engineering

Program Description:

The Architectural Engineering concentration is offered in cooperation with the Architecture or Landscape Architecture departments in the School of Architecture and Planning. See the School of Architecture and Planning: Architecture and the School of Architecture and Planning: Landscape Architecture sections of this Catalog for course information. In addition to the general University doctoral degree general requirements, students pursuing a Ph.D. in Engineering with a concentration in Architectural Engineering must meet the following criteria:

  1. Choose an emphasis and complete its associated core course requirements. 
  2. Complete 2 credit hours of CE 691 Graduate Seminar.

The areas of emphasis are:

  • Architectural and Structural Engineering: CE 501; CE 511 or 524; ARCH 634; ARCH 635.
  • Landscape Architecture and Water Resources: CE 541; CE 542; LA 556; LA 563.