Civil Engineering, MS

School of Engineering

Program Description:

Civil engineers plan, design and develop communities, roads, bridges, buildings, and transit systems while solving problems associated with water resources, energy, and pollution. 

The Civil Engineering undergraduate program at the University of New Mexico is designed to enable future engineers to enjoy both the opportunity to tackle a wide variety of problems and the satisfaction of being at the forefront of action in serving society. Students choose an emphasis in geotechnical, environmental, structural, transportation, or water resources. During the first two years, courses include physical sciences, math, and engineering. The following two years include civil engineering classes capped by a senior design course in which teams of students work on real engineering projects. 

The UNM Department of Civil Engineering focus is on sustainability and sustainable infrastructure. Green building practices and industrial ecology are just some of the Department's teaching and research areas. 

The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,


Career Opportunities:

      With a degree in Civil Engineering from UNM, students are ready to:

  • Improve drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Design and implement sustainable technologies
  • Develop and maintain high-tech structures and transportation systems
  • Repair infrastructure all around the globe

Contact Information:

Missy Garoza : Coordinator of Program Advisement
(505) 277-6633