Medicine, DM

School of Medicine

Program Description:

The MD/PhD program is designed to provide comprehensive training in both clinical sciences and a basic biomedical science discipline. The intent of the program is to provide students with an integrated and cohesive training experience while obtaining the MD/PhD degree. Students participate in activities common to both programs while involved in the medical school curriculum or engaged in PhD dissertation research.

The program consists of 2 years of the medical school curriculum followed by 3-4 years of graduate courses and PhD dissertation research, and concludes with the remaining 2 years of the medical school curriculum.

The program is designed to be completed in 7-8 years. The PhD and MD degrees are awarded simultaneously at the end of the entire training period. Students will take two one-month long rotations in research laboratories during the initial 20 months of the program. These experiences are meant to broaden the research experience of the students as they decide in what research area they wish to specialize. Students can pursue many lines of research activity performed by investigators in biomedical research in the School of Medicine.

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