Physical Education, BSED

College of Education

Program Description:

 The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program of studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education is designed to prepare the student to teach physical education in elementary, middle, and/or junior and senior high schools (K–12). The program of studies includes 57 hours of general education coursework and 76 hours of content preparation. Students completing the program are eligible to apply for a teaching license in New Mexico. The PETE faculty strives to equip students with the content and pedagogical content knowledge necessary to smoothly transition from pre-service to in-service teaching.

Admission Requirements:

      After you have completed at least 26 hours and have an overall GPA of 2.5, the College of Education allows you to apply for admission to College of Education programs. The Physical Education Teacher Education Program (PETE) requires that you have successfully completed all College of Education requirements and PETE Checkpoint 1 requirements (including a B- or better in all PETE professional preparation courses). Click here for information and criteria for the Checkpoint 1 point in program. The College of Education Advisement Office located in Hokona Hall provides application packets for admission to the College.

Contact Information:

Gloria Napper-Owen: Faculty Advisor
(505) 277-5151