Special Education and Elementary Education, BSED

College of Education

Program Description:

An undergraduate dual major in Special Education and Elementary Education is available. The Special Education dual license program is based on the belief that all children are valued members in the school and wider community. This challenging program prepares students to work with a diverse learning population and teaches strategies that are effective for all learners by providing:

•    Diverse university and field based learning experiences

•    One-on-one field support from experienced UNM supervisors

•    Course work that connects theory to practice

•    Supportive faculty members who have recent experience in classroom settings

•    Consistent advising from faculty beginning pre-admission through to graduation

Our state-of-the-art preparation is one of the few of its kind in the country that prepares teachers to be effective across the full continuum of educational settings for all students regardless of perceived ability. One of the ways we achieve this is through modeling interdisciplinary collaboration and co-teaching to provide a comprehensive program of study. We do not view our program as a sequence of individual three credit hour courses but rather as a holistic and coherent program of study designed to prepare teachers who can help all students reach their highest potential. Through this carefully planned sequence of course work, students gain a wealth of classroom experiences and develop effective instructional strategies for all learners. Our graduates are eligible for New Mexico licensure in special education (PreK–12) and elementary education (K–8). This dual major program is 137-146 credit hours, depending on the concentration-teaching field chosen.

Contact Information:

Suzie McCalmant-Garcia: Program Advisor

(505) 277-5018