Women Studies, BA

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

Women Studies is an interdisciplinary program that is committed to educating students about the relationships among identity, power and knowledge toward the ends of social justice and empowerment. The program focuses on how gender intersects with race, sexuality, class, and nation. The program supports the development and application of new theories of feminist studies throughout the University and the application of feminist methods in order to evaluate critically scholarship and research in the disciplines. In addition, the program seeks to educate students in ways that enable them to respond to issues that affect the lives of women locally, regionally, and globally.

Admission Requirements:

Qualified students who are interested in the Women Studies honors program must: 1) select an honors thesis faculty advisor, in consultation with the Program Undergraduate Advisor; 2) submit an application letter and form (available on the Women Studies website). Eligible students are strongly urged to submit their letter of application and form, co-signed by the honors thesis advisor, by October 15th of their junior year; 3) submit verification of scheduled, or taken, honors sequence, 4) provide a copy of an unofficial transcript.

The Honors Sequence: 492, 493 

WMST 492 Senior Seminar should be taken in the spring  semester of the student’s junior  year. Teachers and topics may vary from year to year. This advanced course emphasizing synthesis and development of research skills is required of all majors   in the Women Studies Program. Honors students taking this course design a thesis research project and begin the research in close consultation with the student’s thesis advisor.

WMST 493 Senior Honors Thesis is a writing course intended only for honors candidates and is usually taken in the spring semester of the honors student’s senior year. Honors candidates must submit a description of their honors topic and  an honors thesis title, co-signed by their honors thesis advisor, by October 15th of their senior year. In this course, building upon the previous semester’s senior seminar, students complete the project research and write a thesis.

Contact Information:

Barbara O. Reyes: Director, Women Studies Program
(505) 277-9119