Religious Studies, BA

College of Arts & Sciences

Program Description:

The Religious Studies Program is an interdisciplinary unit within the College of Arts & Sciences, with participation from faculty and students from across the entire University, including the various colleges, professional schools, branch campuses, and the evening/weekend program. Our undergraduate program provides both an introduction to the scholarly study of religion and broad training in the liberal arts. We study religion in its own right and as a lens through which to view the human condition, contemporary human societies, intellectual and social history, spirituality, and ethics. Students major or minor in religious studies in order to pursue careers as educators or scholars of religion, to work toward becoming clerical or lay ministers in a variety of traditions, to prepare for professional school, to pursue graduate education in allied humanities or social science disciplines and/or to explore their own deepest interests.

Admission Requirements:

Contact Information:

Lisa Gerber: Undergraduate Advisor
(505) 277-4003