Native American Studies, BA

University College

Program Description:

The Bachelor of Arts in Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to introduce students to the basic factors which underlie the distinct differences between Native societies and the larger American society. In addition, the degree provides students with the opportunity to examine the differences which continue to exist between Native and non-Native societies through multi-contextual learning activities which include experiential or service learning opportunities.

The following objectives are presented as a way to satisfy the broader goals:

  • ground students in the concepts and applications of methodologies from relevant disciplines focused on Native issues related to education, economics, law, philosophy, psychology, arts and media;
  • provide students with relevant learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom;
  • assist students in integrating theory and practice through field and/or research experience; and
  • encourage dialogue and collaboration among students, faculty, and the Native community in the on-going development of the Native Studies curriculum.

Admission Requirements:

   A Bachelor of Arts degree from University College is awarded upon completion or accomplishment of the following:

1. A total of 120 acceptable credit hours.

2. A grade point average of at least 2.00 as defined in the Undergraduate Program section of this Catalog, and a major specific GPA of 2.5.

3. 42 (forty-two) credit hours of upper-division course work (courses numbered 300 or 400) with a minimum grade point average of 2.00 on all upper-division credit hours accepted by University College. University College does not accept in fulfillment of the upper-division requirement any lower-division course work transferred to UNM as the equivalent of an upper-division course. While a particular topic may be adequately covered in such a lower-division course so as to be considered acceptable for fulfillment of major or minor course requirement from a disciplinary content viewpoint, it does not meet the upper-division requirement, as upper-division courses are taught assuming a degree of maturity and sophistication on the junior/senior level. In other words, lower-division courses accepted by substitution approval at a departmental level do not constitute substitution for the 42 credit hour upper-division requirement.

4. Completion of all requirements for declared major and minor or a double major.

5. The UNM Core Curriculum.

6. Demonstration of competence in the writing of English as described above.

7. A minimum of 26 credit hours of academic work earned while enrolled in University College (Not to include: credit by exam, transfer credit and/or concurrent enrollment, or independent study/problems courses unless specifically approved by the Director/Dean).

8. Students must comply with University requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree. Students who have not been in continuous attendance must follow the current Catalog requirements upon re-enrollment.

9. All paperwork and requirements documenting transfer equivalencies, grade changes, removals of incomplete, substitutions and/or waivers awarded at the departmental or college level must be filed with the Department Advisor by the last day of classes in the semester of graduation.

Contact Information:

Margaret Lumpmouth: Senior Academic Advisor
(505) 277-2631