Autism Spectrum Disorder, Grad Certificate

College of Education

Program Description:

  UNM’s Graduate Certificate in Instruction for Students with Intensive Social, Language, and Behavioral Needs provides advanced training in the area of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and interventions for students with significant support needs.

This is a special recognition awarded by UNM to professionals and parents who wish to acquire advanced instructional skills and knowledge in the area of communication, social, and behavioral interventions for students with significant support needs and students with autism spectrum disorders.

The Graduate Certificate Program is open to students who wish to pursue a graduate degree in Special Education or in other related fields at UNM, and to individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields and who are interested in having specialized training in work with students with social, language, and behavioral needs.

Admission Requirements:

  Interested individuals should contact Dr. Cathy Qi (277-4452/, Concentration I: Mental Retardation and Severe Disabilities to request an application packet. Applicants must
complete a Graduate Application Form either on-line ( or using the paper copy in the Certificate Application packet. The application for this certificate must include
a one-page philosophy statement on community participation of persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and three letters of recommendation that include academic and/or professional references. Applicants must hold minimally a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point scale in the last 60 hours of the bachelor’s degree.

Contact Information:

Liz Keefe: Program Coordinator
(505) 277-1587