Community Health Education, BS

College of Education

Program Description:

Health Education Mission Statement

The Health Education program offers courses of study to prepare Health specialists at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are prepared to assume Health Education positions in schools, community, public health agencies, and in health care and worksite settings. The national guidelines delineating the Roles and Responsibilities of Health Education Specialists serve as the basis for the course of studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, special attention is given to preparing students to work within multi-cultural, multi-ethnic communities in ways that respect and support the healthy development of families and individuals within those communities.

Community Health Education 

Twenty-six hours of course work completed, 2.5 GPA.

The curriculum in Community Health Education  prepares students to meet the competency of roles and responsibilities of the entry- level Health Education Specialist. The degree is a non- Teaching degree and provides students with a broad- based introduction to the community health and prepares them for professional practice in community and tribal health agencies , public health related organizations and clinical and workplace settings. The degree also prepares students for graduate studies in community health education at the University of New Mexico or any of the many schools of public health in the United States. Screening by the health education faculty is a prerequisite to entering into the program. Information about the program requirements and the application process for the B.S in community health education can be found on the department website or by contacting the program coordinator at 505-277-5151.

NOTE:  For the Community Health concentration, student’s course work must include the University of New Mexico core requirements and at least 40 hours of upper division (300 –level and above) credits. For the Endorsement Minor in School Health Education, student’s course work must include 24 hours in Health Education with 12 of these hours being upper division.

Admission Requirements:

To apply for admission to the Health Education Program, the student should go to the COE Advisement Office in Hokona Hall (505-277-3190) to obtain the necessary information and paperwork.  In either concentration, the student must provide a portfolio that includes a biographical sketch, submit transcripts, and schedule an interview with a Health Education faculty member.

For more information on the application process, see the B.S in Health Education Handbook,

Contact Information:

Margaret Chavez: Administrative Assistant

(505) 277-5151