Post-Master's Certificate in Management, Grad Certificate

Anderson School of Management

Program Description:

Anderson School of Management provides holders of a graduate degree an opportunity to further their professional management education. Whether you are updating professional knowledge, extending skills into new areas, or broadening your managerial outlook, the Certificate program offers an opportunity to reach those goals in a short, flexible time frame.

The Certificate consists of five courses (15 credit hours) to be selected by the student and approved at the time of admission. The courses must be completed in post-graduate status, within 3 years, and a 3.0 (B) average. Completion of the certificate will appear on your transcript (for example: Post-Masters Professional Management Certificate; Major: Finance Concentration).

Prerequisites may be required for courses that have not been completed, which must be taken in addition to the 15 credit hour certificate requirement.

Admission Requirements:

For admission information please got to:

Contact Information:

Lisa Beauchene: Student Recruitment Specialist
(505) 277-3290